Boca Raton Criminal Defense Lawyer Dominique Burkhardt

I worked with Mr. Adler on a complex case, and in addition to his years of legal experience, he is a dedicated and tenacious attorney who is detail-oriented and cares a great deal about his clients. I would highly recommend Mr. Adler for your legal matter.

“A True Advocate”

Posted by Louise

I contacted Mr. Adler for a small business partner issue [that was] … emotional and heated for me [and] had gone on for years. Upon meeting Mr. Adler … was very upfront and compassionate. He did not pressure me during my initial consultation, which gave me time to contemplate all that would be involved…. I considered my issue a very small fish in a big pond [but] … I felt like Mr. Adler treated me and my case like I was one of his 'big' clients. He was extremely prompt in starting the case and following up with any issues that arose. He always kept an open line of communication with me. As the case progressed, he [gladly modified his approach] … for a positive outcome on my part. His advice and guidance were spot on. He always had my best interest in mind and is an outstanding advocate. I am truly grateful for all his help …. Mr. Adler is an extremely knowledgeable, professional, compassionate and fair attorney. I highly recommend him!!!!

“An attorney who knows the law and cares”

Posted by Edward

In more than 40 years … in both the mortgages and real estate [businesses] in South Florida, I have [not] found any attorney other than Mitch [who] excelled in all of the following areas: Communication with me as well as the opposition, knowledge and familiarity of the case and law, factual and to the point, reasonable in billing and truly concerned about his client and outcome of the case.


Best lawyer I know. Knowledgeable and very specific to details. I recommend him!


Great advise and understanding in business transactions. Very knowledgeable.


Very satisfied with Mitchell and fast response! Recommend this office.


Mitchell Adler is a very good, respected business lawyer. We recommend.